Here Is What Happens When You Put Garlic In Your Ears Overnight

Put garlic in ear

Garlic can help relieve your misery whenever you suffer from an annoying and painful headache or earache. Out of all the things we usually experience, ear pains has proven to be one of the most painful ones, simply because it is in a position you cannot do anything about. Looking at ear aches as well as the accompanying pains, here are some of the reasons why applying garlic in your ear before you sleep is one of the best solutions;

1. Totally Treats Infections
Putting garlic in your ear overnight is effective at treating ear infections because of its antibacterial, antiviral properties. It kills the bacteria and germs in your inner ear, which are causing the pain. Also, its antiseptic properties reduce the risk of further or future infection. The essence of leaving the garlic overnight is to make sure that every infection in the ear is totally wiped out.

2. Reduces Swellings in the Ear
Garlic is also anti-inflammatory and can work wonders at reducing the swelling and throbbing that accompanies earaches. The anti-inflammatory properties coupled with the amount of time it is left in the ear, it is obvious to say that leaving the garlic in the ear overnight would help reduce and even stop any signs of inflammation which would effectively have caused you a lot of pain in the end.

3. Cures Irritations
One of the factors that accompany ear pains is known as irritations. Just put a few drops of garlic oil on a cotton ball or take a peeled clove of garlic and gently place it in the opening of your ear. Once you start to feel the heat sensation spreading through your ear, the irritation and pain will begin to subside. You can leave the cotton ball or garlic clove in your ear for at least 30 to 35 minutes or longer, and if you want you can even leave it overnight as this is the best way to make sure that every irritation is gone.

4. Boosts Immune System
Eating garlic will give your immune system a boost because it’s packed with nutrients like vitamin C and B 6, fiber, potassium and calcium. Instead of meds, have some garlic that has been proven to help reduce the severity of symptoms associated with the flu and common cold. Whether you place it in your ear, or you eat it a little bit of garlic can be an immense benefit to you.

We have come to understand the essence of nature, and if there is anything we can say about garlic, it is the fact that this is another good side of nature. Using garlic in the ear, particularly overnight, has been proven to help the ear recover from any problems.

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