Here Is What Happens When You Wear Earrings In Your Ear According to a Woman In The Lord

Women shouldn't be wearing earrings

If God Wanted women to wear earings, He would have made hole in their ears.

A Facebook user known as Rebecca Dogo has taken to Facebook to admonish women and remind them to keep their bodies “holy”.

According to the lady, if God wanted women to put on earrings he would have pierced a hole in their ears from birth.

In her post, she further reminded women that the tiniest of earring on their ears would take them to hell fire.

She concluded the post telling women who wore earrings to repent of their ways.
Read her post below:

“If GOD wants women to wear earrings, HE would have made a HOLE in their ears before birth. Earrings have never been his plan. Dear, even tiny earrings on ur ears will take u to HELL. REPENT”

what do you think about this? Is ear ring a bad thing to wear for women?


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