How I Become Friend With a Bush Baby – 13 Years Old Boy Reveals

How i became friend with a Bush baby

A 13 year old Tiv boy from Katsina-Ala Local Government of Benue State in Nigeria on Friday narrated how a Bush Baby followed him home from farm. A Bush baby, also known as Galago or nagapy, is a small nocturnal primate.

Terhemba whose father owns a large mango and rice farm at Katsina-Ala road said he spotted the animal on a tree watching them work and he was surprised that it was not scared, it did not run away.

Terhemba said he never bordered to hunt it down as he was exhausted from working already.

“I was sifting. We’ve been doing this for weeks. I spotted the squirrel-like animal watching at us from a tree which wasn’t too far from our location.

I wanted to hunt it, but I was tired already, also I knew my Mom would scream at me for neglecting my role…” He said.

When he arrived home with his mom, a work-house, a hut few miles away from the farm, Terhemba said he saw the same animal outside.

“When we got here, I saw it again close to that hill. Meaning it had followed us all the way back home”

However, the mother doubts that that is the same animal the son spotted in the farm, but Terhemba is very affirmative, saying that it has “the same body and marks”.

We are pushed to believe his opinion because according to people in the area, the animal is not common there.

The most interesting part of it is “the Galago didn’t try to escape. Terhemba just picked it up like a pet dog” said a neighbour.

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