How I Graduated From University As a Virgin – Nigeria Lady Narrates

People always think that graduating from university as a virgin is not possible. Some say being a virgin is caused by lack of chance or opportunity, Well in my own case it was never because of lack of opportunity but discipline.

While I was in senior secondary school, almost all my friends had boyfriend, I was compelled to have one but I didn’t. It wasn’t because I was not interested, but because of my home bringing. I was scared and moreover, I didn’t want to do anything that will bring disgrace and embarrassment to my family.

I graduated from High School and got admission to one of the prestigious university in Nigeria. School was full of fun like entertainment, pleasure, and other stuffs. My roommate was a total opposite of myself, she enjoys going to parties, clubs and other social gatherings.

Sometimes, I’ll have to go out of the room because she’s bringing in her boyfriend. I would always sleep at my lodgemates room, and sometimes we do have misunderstanding because of the issue of bringing in her boyfriends.

I wasn’t a sociable type of person due to my upbringing. My Dad was very strict with me as I was the only daughter of my parents. I never mingled with people so much so I find it very difficult to socialize with people.

Due to the kind of roommate I have, and seeing how well kept she was even without her parents support, I decided to join her. Although I wouldn’t have joined her if she had continued with her generosity towards me.

While I was in 200 level, I met a guy called Obinna, He was a businessman and also a graduate. To me, he was everything a lady could wish for. He was so nice to me, he always assists me with almost everything I needed. I knew a time will come that I’ll have to pay back all he has done for me, I was never ready to lose my virginity though, but I decided to play along.

One faithful evening, I was with him and he started romancing me, then I knew the time has come, but I knew deep down my heart that no matter what I’ll never give in to his demands. I was scared though, I didn’t know what to do at that moment, he has waited for me enough and at that time, I had no genuine reason not to sleep with him.

This was because everytime he wants me, I must have a reason not to sleep with him, I would sometimes pretend to be on my period and would went as far as wearing a pad, and so many other tricks.

In the middle of the romance, I ran off to the bathroom, pretending to be vomiting, he came close to me and asked me what was happening to me.

I told him I was having malaria, he immediately got angry and asked me to leave his house since I don’t want to make love to him. That was how we broke up because I was never ready to lose my virginity.

All this continued with other guys, till I met my husband. I was in 300l and he was in his final year. I thought he was like the other guys, but he wasn’t. I played all the tricks I do play with other guys whenever its time for love making thinking he’s going to leave, just like others did.

He never let go, in fact his love for me grew deeper. It was then I understand that the guy that really do love you will not walk out of your life just because of sleeping with you. Even after he graduated, he still checks up on me and after 3 years of dating, we got married right after my NYSC.

Virginity, although it is not a key to a successful marriage. My roommate was married to one of the top politicians in our state, and she’s living a life of luxury and abundance. I myself was married to a good guy but not that influential.

All that matters in life is just being yourself and doing the things that interest you. Thanks for reading my story.

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