How To Activate 400MB Free Browsing Every Week On 9mobile Using Http Injector

Here is a new 9mobile cheat that will allow you to start using free 400mb on your 9mobile simcard every week without subscribing. No long story, See all you need to do to start enjoying the free data.

* A 9mobile Simcard.
* Your Smartphone.
* Http Injector Config File – Download Here
* Http Injector App – Download Here

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After getting the above requirements you’re good to go. Now let’s start.

✓ Migrate to 9mobile moretalk by dailing *244*2#. If it is on a new line, dial 200 and press 1 to migrate to 9mobile Talk More tariff plan.

✓ Check and make sure you have successfully migrated to the plan.

✓ Load an airtime of N300, and subscribe to the 9mobile chat Pak using the ussd code below.

✓ To subscribe to the chat pak, Dail *200*3*3*2*2# costs N300.

✓ After doing this, use it with config file provided above and make sure you don’t exhaust your data till it expires.

Note: The data is only 400mb, make sure you don’t exhaust the whole 400mb till it expires.

✓ The following week, 9mobile will send you message saying your social pak plan has expired and you should renew it.

✓ Just ignore the message, and go ahead and use your VPN.

It will work without subscribing, it will auto renew itself each follows up week, so you won’t need to subscribe again. Enjoy while it lasts 👌

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