How To Activate Airtel 100% Double Data Bonus In 2018, Airtel Cheat 2018

Airtel 100% double data bonus is back and better. After the sudden stop of the double data bonus in 2017, airtel seems to have activated the offer again in this year(2018).

The Airtel double data plans works on desktop or PC, Android, iPhone and any other devices you know that can connect to the internet without the use of any vpn app. It works without any form of restrictions because they are like normal plans.

Available Plans And Prices
With N200 you’ll get 400MB valid for 3 days.
With N500, you’ll get 1.5GB data valid for 30 days.
With N1,000, you’ll get 3GB data for 1month.
N2,000 will give you 7GB data for a month.
Lastly, with N2,500 you’ll get10GB data valid for a month.

How Can I Activate The Airtel Double Data Offer
It’s kinda easy, to activate kindly dial *144# and you will receive a successful message. Then the list of data plans will be available for you as you can see below;

kindly purchase your choice out of the data plans from that list and subscribe.

How To Check Your Data Balance
To check your data balance, kindly dial *140# and your balance will be sent to you as sms.

Note: the double data works on selected SIMs, test yours first and enjoy!.

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