How To Activate MTN Caller Feel Service on Your Mtn Sim

Mtn caller feel is a service that allows you share short status message that pops up on callers screen when they dial your number.

It’s almost the same thing as when we update our WhatsApp and Facebook status, cool enough, it supports Smiley’s.

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This comes in handy for business men who want to promote their craft to anyone at reach.

Best of all, this service is available to all subscriber but bear it in mind that it isn’t free but the cost is worth it.

This caller feel service can help in diverse ways, such as:

* Advertising
* Sharing Status Updates
* Self-Expression
* Sharing special moments
* Sharing Special messages to
* Specific callers and host of other ways
* Use your caller feel to share holiday wishes with your friends and family. E.t.c

It all depends on your creativity and how you present your business to others for easy conversion.

According to MTN:

Looking for an interesting and fun way to share info about your business, who you are or what you do? Why not check out the cool and exciting #MTNCallerFeel service?

How to Subscribe To MTN Caller feel Service?

You can kindly sms “REG” to “50016” or type your message and forward to “50016”.

MTN Caller Feel Plans And Activation Codes.

✅ N5
✅ 1 Update
✅ Text “REG1” to “50016”

✅ N30
✅ 10 Update
✅ Text “REG7” to “50016”

✅ N50
✅ 25 Updates
✅ Text “REG” to “500126”

✅ N50
✅ 25 Updates
✅ Text “REG3” to “500126”

Callerfeel Box
✅ N50
✅ 10 Updates
✅ Text “B1” to “500126”

That’s all you need to know about the MTN caller feel service.

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