How To Activate Unlimited Data For Free On Mtn, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile – Introducing Scooper News App

Hey guys! here is another great opportunity for you all!
Did you know? You can now get free data for yourself using coins without spending a dime with the help of this News app called Scooper. This app gives you coins for reading news and referring people to download the app and the coins can be used for data subscription on all networks, reedeem as real cash/money in your bank account, a free dubai trip, iphone x, infinix note5 and can also be converted to airtime for calls on any other networks of your choice in Nigeria and international.

What is Scooper News App

Scooper which is formally known as Eaglee News App is an app designed specifically to entertain users and let them get information by reading interesting News, entertaining videos and other entertainment stuffs.

Scooper News App gives you +5 coins for each news you read on the app, +200 coins when you invite/ refer someone to download the app and you are also entitled to another +5 coins when the person you invite/ refer enter your referral code to the app to confirm you as his or her referee. Use H7QPOA as your friend’s invitation code.

The coins can be converted to Airtime, data or real cash and can also be used to apply for a trip to dubai, can be use to get iphone X,infinix note 5 and so on. Isn’t this better than you just reading news on sites that doesn’t give you anything in return?

Now, lets go back to what we are purposely here for, Scooper

How To Get Unlimited Coins For Free With Scooper

To start earning free coins, download and install Scooper News app By Clicking Here and start reading news on the app and also start referring people using the referral code given to you in the application’s dashboard.

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  1. Help olexome, thank for sharing this great information with me. I downloaded the eagle app but I don't know how to use it to earn coins. please help me. email me:

  2. Hello olexhome.Thanks for sharing this great information With me. I downloaded the eagle app but I don't know how to use it to earn coins. please help me. email me on

  3. I need a response, the code isn't working

  4. please how do I withdraw the coin as airtime?

  5. When you open the app, look below you will see (Home, follow, me, money) click on the money icon and when it opens, there you will see cashout, click on the cashout and you will see the prizes available for you, there you can choose airtime.

  6. Its very simple, just click on any news and you will see a dollar sign $ poping up, when until it full and boom, you have earned 5coins on a news, read plenty news and do it same way. You can also refer people to earn more coins.

  7. Kindly check my reply to the first comment

  8. Habe you downloaded the app with the link on this blog? If yes kindly open the app and below the app locate the money($) icon and there you will see \”Enter friend's invitation code\” click on it and input H7QPOA

  9. Bro, the coins I have been picking is not adding up, all I have is just the 5 coins they gave me when I added the code, any help?

  10. Same thing happens to me when I first started also, it will be credited automatically but if not, contact them

  11. scooper is not working on my phone

  12. When can i cashout? As in how many coins do i need to earn to withdraw?

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