How To Activate Unlimited Data Plans And Download Unlimitedly On Airtel, Airtel Latest Cheat 2019

Yeah this is an unlimited data plan which can be activated on all airtel sims but the disadvantages of this plan is that it’s only working with Airtel 2G network.

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AIRTEL 2G plans have been on since 2016, meanwhile it wasn’t given much attention due to the network it works with or some of us aren’t aware of the data plans.

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan of N200 or Unlimited Plan of N500 is an old plan that works only on 2G network (Edge/GSM).

These plans can only work when you switch your network mode to GSM (2G); therefore, if you are looking for a cheap data plan for a Lite usage, then this plan is for you.

Features of Airtel 2G Data Plans
1. Data is usable only on 2G Network.
2. Once you subscribe, it discontinues any active subscription.
3. It works on all modems and smart phones, except for those that aren’t 2G compatible.
4. N200 Unlimited pack is valid for 10 days and N500 unlimited pack is valid for 28 days.

How to Activate Airtel Unlimited 2G Plans
🔰 Simply dial *482# and select your preferred plan.
🈴 To opt out, dial the same code and reply with 3.

NOTE: This data powers all apps on your mobile provided you’re connected on the 2G network. Enjoy!!!

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