How To Block Unwanted Calls From Landing Into Your Phone

Sometimes it may be annoying when you switched on your phone and you notice a particular number disturbing you by calling your number several times while you are busy or need some privacy, what will always come to your mind is how you can get ride of the number. But can you do this successfully without him even notice that you have blocked his/her number. All you have to do is read this tutorial carefully and you will get it done easily.
You can successfully block an unwanted call from landing into your phone by using several methods, but the method we are going to be talking about in this tutorial is
1) Using Blocking Apps – Download a number-blocking app from the Google Play store. Options include Mr Number or Truecaller. Mr. Number, for instance, allows you to either forward blocked numbers to voicemail, or pick up and hang up immediately. Truecaller either gives a blocked caller a busy signal or directs them to voicemail, although this is based on your provider, not which options you select.
Note: In Android 4.4 and later versions, applications are unable to block SMS text messages.
2) Select the Block option from Mr Number – This should be available on a Home screen and should block a number. Select either “HANG UP ON SOMEONE” or “SEND SOMEONE TO VOICEMAIL”, then select the blocking option. You can select from suspected spam, all private/unknown numbers, recent calls, contacts, and other options.
3) Enter your block list on Truecaller – Go to the “Block” section of the Truecaller app, tap “My Block List”, then tap the add button to add a number.
Alternatively, many antivirus applications that you may already have on your mobile device, such as Avast,360 security, offer call blocking functions.

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