How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit and Use More Than 1GB Daily On MTN (Working100%)

Beware guys, even though it’s telling you daily limit reached or you are seeing a lesser figure on your es explorer when about to change your date. just ignore and follow the simple steps I’m about to drop below;

1⃣ Go to your developer option under phone settings and on it(If you are not a developer yet, go to About phone, locate Build number, tap your build number several times until it shows you are now a developer)

2⃣ Still under developer options, scroll down and switch on “Don’t keep activities”

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3⃣ Now go to your file manager, open it, go to Android, open it, you will see hammer folder, open it and click and delete the file inside the folder, please don’t delete the folder. Minimize and…

4⃣ Go to file explorer, (Make sure you switch on “Show hidden files” Locate your phone storage and locate Android, locate your hidden files then click on the play store file, edit the date to 25 and kindly save. Minimize

5⃣ Now open your hammer VPN, if no server is displaying, close it and open it back. then click on server 5 or 6. then make sure it’s showing Authenticating. Quickly minimize your hammer and be watching it to connect via your drop down screen. if you see its Authenticating for a long time and not connecting, go back to the hammer and change to another server (be interchanging 5 and 6 for those that doesn’t know how to connect to Germany). Minimize again and be watching the Authenticating to connect.

Note: please I repeat, minimize, its very important. Enjoy.


  1. it is not working…it is showing me waiting for server reply even though I put it on 5 or six.

  2. Hello, olex. I've tried this method and it worked real good but after 2days the servers both 5&6 stopped connecting, only \”Waiting for server reply\” is what I'm seeing. Others that are connecting didn't browse. What's the solution.

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