How To Bypass Mtn 0.0KB Free Browsing Daily Cape Limit Of Hammer VPN And Browse Unlimitedly

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Now, follow the below procedure to bypass the daily limit cape of the Hammer VPN cheat.

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* Go to your Settings- Applications and select Hammer VPN

⚡️• Now click on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

⚡️• Now open your file manager.

⚡️• Click on “Android” Folder and Open HAMMER_TEMP_DIR

⚡️• After opening this folder, now delete Hammer.dmp file

⚡️• Make sure you don’t delete full folder

⚡️• Now open Hammer VPN and Enter Rport & Lport then select any server of your choice.

⚡️Follow Same Steps after 100 MB Usage to Enjoy Unlimited Data. Enjoy!!!🔥

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