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How To Call Anonymously On Android Without Any Code Or App

Have you been searching on the Internet for a way to call someone anonymously?. Sometimes you might want yo prank your friends by calling them without letting them know it’s you, or you want to call someone and you don’t want him/her to know it’s you. You can always get this done on your phone even without the use of any Apps Or code. Just follow this steps below and you will be able to make a call anonymously.
1) Goto Your Phone’s Menu, Locate And Click On Phone – This App is an inbuilt app, that is it is installed from where your phone is manufactured. It allows you to dail numbers, save contacts, load airtime and lot more.

2) After Opening To Your Where You will be able to dail call, Tap On Options Key On Your Phone And It Will Bring Out Some Menus.

3) Click On Settings – Here, you will be able to manage your voice calls, video calls and others. Since we are dealing with calling, we will go for voice call.

4) Click On Voice Call – By clicking this, it will bring you another set of options such as: voicemail, call forwarding, call baring and so on.
5) Click On Additional Options

Here we are, now you will see call waiting and caller ID. Choose caller ID And select hidden.

Boom you are done, you can now make anonymous call without the use of any app or code. When you now call someone, it won’t display your identity to the person you are calling.
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