How To Check The RAM And internal Memory Of Any Android Phone

Importance Of RAM On Phone

RAM is an important thing on phone, it determine how fast phone can work when you open and minimize a lot of applications or have applications which consumes much storage. If phone RAM is small, you won’t be able to perform many tasks successfully on your phone because your phone will start hanging, But If your phone RAM is much you will be able to perform a lot of tasks on the phone at a particular time and the phone will still work fine. The question now is
Did you just get a new phone, is it your old phone, or did you see a phone from a friend and you like it to the extent that you want to buy it. But you are now looking for a way to check the RAM so that you can finally conclude if it will be okay for you to use? You are welcome to this tutorial because your problem will be solved after reading this article.
1) Goto Your Phone Menu And click on Settings on your device.
Scroll down and tap
Memory(it might be storage and memory on some phones). This option let you see your memory statistics, such as the amount of memory you’re using and the amount of memory left.
2) Check your total memory – This is the total amount of memory your device’s RAM is providing. Every running app will be using a particular amount of memory.
3) Average memory use – This is the amount of memory your device is using on average. It is determined by the apps you use the most, and what software processes are running in the background.
On some devices, you may also be able to see your average memory use in a percentage value. This parameter indicates what percentage fraction of your total memory you’re using on average.
4) Your free memory –  This is the amount of memory you have available. When you open a new app, it will use some of your free memory in order to run.
Quitting open apps will free up more memory.
5) Click on Memory used by apps – This button will show you a list of all open apps and processes running in the background. Here you can see how much memory each app is currently using in order to run.
On some devices, this button may be named Apps , Used by Apps , App Memory.
Depending on your device model and Android OS software, you may be able to see the amount of memory each app is using.
Note: You will also see your phone’s total internal memory, used and available space here.

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