How To Download Pictures And Videos To Your Phone From Whatsapp Status.

Welcome to another edition of our tutorials , today we will be talking about how you can save whatsapp status pictures and videos to your phone. Let’s get the work done.

How to save whatsapp status photos and videos on your phone

1) Goto your phone’s file manager, click on your options key and choose “Show hidden files – by doing this all your phone’s hidden files and folders would have been visible.
2) Now locate whatsapp folder, tap on “media”, when open now click on “Statuses” folder to open the folder.

3) After opening the folder you should see all the Status you have viewed on whatsapp, now locate which of the pictures or videos you want to download. Now click on your options key to copy or cut the particular picture/video.

4) After that, paste it to another folder on your phone and wow you have now downloaded picture /video on your whatsapp status.
Note : The reason why we moved the picture /video is that if you leave it there, it will be deleted automatically after 24hours.

Hope this is helpful? Drop your comments if you are having any confusion about this post.

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