How To Easily Change The Imei Of Any Android Phone

Welcome To My Tutorials On how to successfully tweak or change your phone’s imei without stress

Firstly what is tweaking?

As you can see above, i said tweak or change, so tweaking is simply the act of changing your phone’s imei to another.

What Are The Benefits

You can tweak your phone’s imei to another, just for you to get cheat
Moreso you can also tweak your phone’s imei to have some fun.


1. You will need an application called chamelephon(you can actually get it in play store)
2. Your phone must be rooted, you can check here to learn about rooting
3. You must be careful because it can brick your phone(though this tutorial is easy to understand, dknt worry your phone is save).

How To Easily Tweak Your Phone’s Imei

Kindly follow the steps am about to drop below and you are done with tweaking with two minutes.
Note: you must first write down your default imei, dail *06# and your imei will be displayed, write it down and put it somewhere save.
Step 1). Open your chamelephon and input the imeis you want to change your phone’s imei to as see in the screenshot beneath;

Step 2). Click on “Apply New Imeis” and it will ask if you really want to change the imei, click yes, now it will show you a short message as seen in the below screenhot,

it means your phone’s Imei has been changed successfully.
Step 3). Kindly reboot your phone or better still just put it on flight mode or unflight it back, now dail *#06# and you will see that your phone imei has been changed successfully.

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