How To Easily Connect Mouse Or Keyboard To Your Android Phone.

Today we will be discussing on how to use a mouse with your phone. Are you surprised by hearing this? Yes you can actually use your phone with mouse. Mouse is not only designed to be used with computers only, it can also be used with phones. Now let’s go.
Do you have an Android phone which the touch screen is broken and you can’t access your files? Or are you just tired of screen touching your phone and want to use another method to be pressing your phone? You can easily access your broken Android phone with a mouse pad through a USB OTG.

what is Usb OTG?

USB OTG (USB On The Go) is a standard which enables Devices connect to each other. This is different from connecting your Android device through a USB to your Pc/Laptop. With the USB OTG cable you can also connect devices such as Keyboard USB Flash Drives, Musical Instrument to your Android phone. But first you should check if your device is USB OTG enabled, you should see its logo in your Device packaging if its supported. Although devices released in the past two years can be guaranteed to be USB OTG supported.
To connect your Android phone to external devices like Mouse, Keyboard etc.
you will have to purchase the USB OTG cable from Amazon or Online stores. Using the USB OTG cable to connect Mouse pad to your Android phone. After purchasing the USB OTG cable just plug in a Mouse to the USB port and plug the USB OTG cable to your Android phone.
After doing this, You will see a cursor appear on your phone’s display which you can use to control your device. The same process goes for connecting Keyboards and other devices to your Android phone.
If your current Android phone does not support this feature, then make sure your next Android phone does.

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