How To Easily Get Rid Of Pot Belly Using Toothpaste

This article is all about how to get rid of pot belly using onion and toothpaste.

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Gone are the days when excess belly fat or ‘pot belly’ was regarded as a sign of good living.

In recent times, health experts have spoken on the dangers of ‘pot belly’, citing cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes as some of the possible health risks associated with this condition.

Excess belly fat is often triggered by fatty, sugary and calorie filled foods and snacks. Lack of exercise and genetics, in some cases, have also been identified as possible causes of having a pot belly.

With these potential health risks, getting rid of a pot belly has never been more crucial. Here is one of the best way to get rid of excess belly fat.

This article highlights two things you need to get rid of pot belly. They are:

* Onion
* Colgate toothpaste

These two (2) substances are good at reducing pot belly within few days.

How To Use Them To Reduce Pot Belly
* Take like one quarter (1/4) of onion and grate it with grater or blender. Also take about a tea spoon of colgate and pour in thesame plate with the grinded onion.

* Mix the two substances together thoroughly.

* Put your hand inside the two mixtures and use it to rub your belly.

* Leave it for 30minutes then wash it away.

You can wash the youtube video below for better understanding;

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