How To Easily Whiten Your Teeth With Vaseline and See Result Within a Week

This article is all about an easy and effective way to whiten your teeth and you’ll see result within one week.

“You will find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile,” said Charlie Chaplin. But what if you have yellow teeth? You would obviously not want the world to see them! It is necessary to take care of your teeth and make sure they are healthy and white.

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It is true that the easiest and fastest way of getting rid of teeth stains or discoloration is visiting cosmetic dentists. They use specialized teeth whitening strips and fluids that can eradicate teeth stains quickly. However, these methods are not healthy for your teeth in the long run. There are many other less expensive and effective teeth whitening methods that you can try at home. They do not cost much and have little or no side effects.

Besides, these methods can also give quick results and that is why we are here cause I’ll be showing you how to whiten your teeth easily with just two substances and it’s effective as you’ll see result within 4days.

This article highlights two things you need to get your teeth white, healthy and shining. They are:

* Vaseline
* Baking Soda

These two (2) substances are good at whitening your teeth quickly without any side effects.

How To Use Them To Whiten Your Teeth
* Take about a spoon of vaseline and put it in a small plate. Also take a spoon of baking soda and pour into thesame plate with the vaseline.

* Mix the two substances together and it’s going to form a smooth white paste.

* Use your finger to take out of the paste and place it on your teeth.

* Now use your hand to scrub the mixture on each of your teeths.

* Repeat the steps atleast 3 times a week for better result.

You can watch the youtube video below for better understanding;

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