How To Edit And Design Blogger Template With Your Mobile Phone.

Hello, if you have been following this blog and reading our articles, you will discover that we offer series of tutorials that are helpful to you by one way or the other. Today I will be teaching you a way you can use to successfully design your Blogger template to your taste with the use of your mobile phone(Android Phones precisely).

How To Edit Your Blogger Template With Your Mobile Phone

No computer, no problem, you can design your Blogger template without the use of computer by following the processes am about to drop below. Creating a blog from blogger is as easy as anything, but the problem with it is how to design and make it look attractive. Accessing blogger template require a lot of RAM on your phone, so phone with small RAM will not be able to access it, that is why a lot of people use computers for the design. If you try to tamper with blogger template with your phone with small RAMs like 500mb,1gb or even 2gb you will just discovered your phone is hanging and it won’t respond again. But with this trick and steps am about to drop below, you will be able to design your template even with your phone of 100RAM. (laughs), jokes apart, let’s get started.

Steps To Take To Design Your Blogger Template With Mobile Phones

1) Login To Your Blogger Admin Panel – Either you are a new or existing user, visit and login to your Blogger dashboard (for new users, signup with your email using the above link and you will be directed to your dashboard).
2) Click on theme from the options provided( as you can see below).

It will direct you to a new page where you will see series of templates available to use.
3) Click on the backup/restore option at the top right corner of the page(see image below).

4) Click on Download option – This will allow you to download your Blogger template on your phone,and save it to your desire folder. You are not done yet.

5) Click HERE or search Google PlayStore to download an app called 920 text editor. After downloading the app, goto where you save your Blogger template on your phone and rename it from .xml to .txt then open it by using 920 text editor

And wow…. you can now see all your Blogger properties, change whatever you want to change and design anything you wish to design.

6) When done with your editing/ designing kindly save your work and rename it back to .xml
7) Go back to your Blogger admin page click on theme>>backup/restore and click on choose file to upload your designed template. Then upload, now you have successfully design your Blogger template with your phone.
Note: Make sure you have duplicate of your template before you start editing it, so that if you made mistake, you can copy back the duplicate and re-design your template.
Hope this is helpful? Kindly share this post on your social medias and always visit this blog. You can as well drop you comments if you have any difficulties about this post.

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