How To Fasting Your Browsing Speed When Network Seems Bad

It is so annoying when you are browsing the Internet and the network seems to be bad leading to browsing at a very low speed. You will be so annoy that you will want to throw your phone away(laughs). Especially when you are chatting with someone and you are discussing something important, sometimes it might be you want to watch or download movies online.
Don’t be too worry, follow the below instructions and you will be happy by heeding to the below instructions.
1) Minimize your data usage – Playing videos and surfing at the same time can be frustrating with a low internet speed. Choose your priorities and use internet as per your needs. Example: Need to complete your homework? You might want to get the information first before watching videos about games or other stuff.
2) Run a virus scan on your computer – If it’s slow on internet, chances are it has a virus. If you don’t have anti-virus, get one. Try getting AVG or Avast, there can be downloaded freely online.
If you don’t have a virus, update your modem or router. Chances are that it’s out of date.
If modem/router are working well, try to clear out programs you don’t need. These include programs that take a lot of memory or that are used rarely.
3) Choose websites that consume less data – A websites consuming a lot of data can take too much time to load on your browser. Choose efficient yet informative websites. Try using Black Google Search rather than the usual one.
4) Try not to play online games/ Watch Online videos – Online games, MMORPGs, or other games can consume a lot of data and will considerably slow down your internet usage, just make sure you dont play or watch anything online to prevent slow Internet connectivity
5) Contact your service provider – Sometimes, it could be a problem at the provider’s end. Contact them if you feel you are getting very low internet connection, lower than what you deserve according to your data plan, they make take some steps for you to enjoy your data plan and must try to increase your Internet speed for you.
Note: you can also reduce the amount of taps you open on your browsers.
Jope this is helpful, kindly drop your comments if you are still having problem with your phone Internet speed.

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