How To Get 1.8GB For Free On MTN – MTN 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat 2019

Well, if you buy mtn 1000 Naira monthly data plan, you get 1200MB for 30days. If you decide to manage it for the whole 30 days period, thats 1200mb ÷ 30 = 40Mb per day.

Config files and N – VPN gives 60mb per day (55mb for N-VPN), that’s;
60mb x 30days = 1.8GB per month.

If you have two different MTN Sims, you get 3.2GB per month. Yet some persons who cant even afford a #500 data plan still call the cheat rubbish cause they can’t think and calculate how many GB it is in a month especially if you have 3 to 4 mtn sims.

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You want to download and enter Instagram, yet you don’t want to buy data, it doesn’t work that way.

Even when there was 1GB per day MTN file, some were still not satisfied, they wanted unlimited. They wanted a file to torrent, even those who know nothing about torrent wanted a file that could torrent. Some had 1GB file nd complained its not fast enough, they wanted a file that could download black panther in 5mins.

Choose Best Data Plan Available And Use It With Mtn 0.0k.

If you have a mifi, just get as many MTN sims as possible, also get the 70mb config files. 4 sims cost #800 and gives at leat 240mb per day, thats 7.2GB per month.

If you are an heavy data user, stick to best cheap data plan available on every network . you may combine data from different plan to achieve ur data need. For example, if you want to consume lots of data over a day or 3 days period , you could go for glo 1.2GB for 200 Naira while you have your normal mtn data plan intact, or subscribe to Airtel night plan.

You could subscribe to MTN instabinge data bundle which gives 1gb for just 200 Naira for Instagram only, while you manage your mtn 0.0kb files daily.

There are lots of cheap offers around if u know ur way. Just stop d unnecessary complaints or go sub. This is my opinion though, thanks.

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