How To Get 4GB For Free On MTN, Mtn Latest Cheat October 2019

MTN at it again as you can now get yourself a whooping 4g data for free but this cheat is working for some lucky subscribers not all users. So if you try it and doesn’t work for you, you can try on another sim.

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The data can be use to browse and download effectively till it get exhausted and it doesn’t require psiphon or any other VPNs to access the internet as it’s just the normal data everybody can use and working on all sites. Now let’s go to the cheat to use to get the 4gb data.

Cheat To Activate Latest Mtn 4gb data
No long story all you have to do is;
* Pickup your Phone and go to your dial pad.

* Dial *559*444# you’ll receive a message saying incorrect recharge code.

* Now check your data balance by dialing *131*4# and if you’re one of the lucky subscribers you should see your free 4gb starring at you.

Latest Mtn Data Cheat For Free

* You’ll receive a message as you can see in the screenshot above.

* Now you can open your browsers or apps and begin to enjoy your free data.

Notes: * Your phone and sim must be 4g enabled before you can browse with it.

* It’s not working for all users, only selected users can enjoy it.

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