How To Get 5GB Data With #50, 10GB With #100 On All Mtn Sims, Latest MTN Cheat 2019

How to get 5gb with #50

Hey guys, I’m here as usual with another hot latest cheat and this time I will be showing you a secret to getting a whooping of 5GB data with just #50 on your mtn sim, So feel free and follow my instructions carefully below.

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Steps On How To Activate Mtn 5Gb With N50
Follow Below steps to get this awoof;

* Dial *662#

* Buy wechat N50

* And wow, you just get yourself 5gb data freely

To check your data balance, Dail *131*4#

Note: It selects sim and it doesn’t work for all users, It works better on Mpulse or any other tarriff plans different from Beta talk. Try your luck!

You can accumulate it once it works for you. And you can get 10-30GB worth of data by repeating the steps, check screenshot below for prove;

The data is a normal data, It works for all apps and you can use it on any device /pc. Enjoy While it lasts!

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  1. How do I buy mtn weChat 50

  2. Pls which one is wechat, and does the cheat still works? Thanks

  3. Not working

  4. It was working fine before, Mtn just stopped it yesterday.

  5. Is it working again?

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