How To Get More Than 1GB Free Data On Your Sim Via Gidimo App, Latest Data Cheat 2019

Whats good guys, it’s time to flex with the free internet data powered by Gidimo. The site Gidimo has being into existence since 2014 and here they are again with free data for you all.

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Now, you need to download the Gidimo app to get the free data into your MTN Sim.

Gidimo’s built-for-mobile learning platform enables you to develop yourself anytime, anywhere, with courses for students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and vocational workers.

Gidimo Rewards
You get 50MB when you sign up, 100MB when you download the app from Google Play Store and 400MB when you invite a friend using your invite link.

To Get Started
* Simply Click Here to get started.

* Register and verify your Phone number (You will receive your first 50MB)

* Download the app from Play Store,
login as a returning user with your details and you’ll receive another 100MB!

* Dial *460*260# to check your balance.

Referring your friends to Gidimo will give more megabytes.

Note: You can get up to 1.5GB on the same line without referring anybody once you know your way.

Utilize this opportunity and enjoy the awoof data while it lasts. Click here to get started, register and verify your Phone number, then your free data can be wired to your MTN SIM.

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  1. The refused to send me the welcome data

  2. Enter your comment…its scam.. both the data and referral data. you can't use the data for anything

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