How to Get N300 Airtime With Just N60 on Airtel

Airtelng is back again with another incredible offer to entice their users and the latest in town is Airtel Tmore which offers you N300 airtime for N60 airtime.

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This isn’t an Extra Credit service where you pay back later; all you have to do is recharge up to N60 or more on your sim before giving it a try, which in turn gives you N300 Airtime without paying back any charge, it is nicknamed Airtel Tmore.

This offer comes in handy if you’re the type that make lot of calls, imagining getting an extra N240 bonus for N60 just to call your loved ones.

According to Airtel:

Time is running out!! Quickly Get N300 to enjoy for just N60 . To Pay, Dial *234*60# before this offer ends.

In recent times, we’ve seen how to borrow airtime from airtel without paying service charge and also how to flash someone on airtel with 0.0kb balance, i will urge you to quickly go and start making use of this offers from Airtel while it lasts.

However, for this N60 to get N300 offer , i think it’s limited according to the above quote, all you need to do is get your sim, recharge and type the below code.

As at the time of writing this post, we don’t know if it’s based on eligibility or not but you can give us a feedback if you receive any eligibility prompt, aside from this disadvantage; it is a catchy offer.

How to Activate N300 Airtime for N60 on Airtel
* Recharge/Make sure you have up to N60 on your Airtel Sim,
* Dial *234*60# to activate,
* You will receive a successful request message informing you of your top up.
* If transaction is Unsucessful you’ll recieve message such as below:

You do not have sufficicent balance for Airtel Tmore. Please recharge and try again.

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