How To Hide Files On Android Phones Manually

Are you the type that always want privacy and will always want to hide some files from friends or from people who use to collect your phone and start accessing your files such as videos, musics and some pdf or doc files. Yes it’s normal that you don’t want people to view some videos, hear some musics and and even read some docs or pdfs on your phone. This might be due to some reasons known to you alone or you don’t want to lose those files because When some people access your phone, they may mistakenly delete something precious to you. So the best solution is to hide your precious files in order to avoid it from being deleted. I know when we have problem or challenge as a human being what we will be looking for is a way out of the problem. I Welcome you to this post where i will be teaching you simple thing you can do to hide any of your files from people, even if they collect your phone and access it, they won’t be able to see those files because you have already hidden them.
How To Hide Some Files On Your Android Phone
Kindly follow the simple steps i will be dropping below and your problem will be solved.
1) Goto your phone’s file manager – file manager is where you will be able to personalize the files on your phone, it allows you to delete Unwanted files, send files to friends or edit files.
2) Now that you have located your file manager, locate the files you want to hide and cut it.( Cut is when you move file from one folder to another without leaving any duplicate).

3) Get back to your phone’s file manager main menu and click on your phone’s option button, you will see “show hidden files”. click on it to enable it.

4) Now that you have cut the files you want to hide, kindly paste it to any of the hidden folders you just enabled. The hidden folders will look lighter than normal folder as you can see below

5) Now that you have successfully moved all your favorite files to the hidden folder of your taste, go back to your files manager main menu once again and click on your option key, now click on, “hide hidden files”.

Now you are done, you have successfully hide your favorite files. Your mind can now be at rest even when you give someone else your phone.
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