How To Install Apps/Games From Any Website On Android Phone

Are you trying to install application or game on the Internet but it fails to install? Yes it is normal, it happens like that. This is because Android phone users are only allowed to install applications or games only from Google play store. Trying to install apps and games downloaded from any other source apart from Google play store is not allowed. This is how all Android phones are programmed from their different manufacturer. But don’t get annoy because there will always be a solution to every problem in the sense that all Android phone has this option that will allow you to download and install application or game from any other sources different from Google play store. All you just have to do is to enable your phone to allow installation of Apps and games from all other sources.

How To Get This Done

It is simple and easy all you just have to do is follow the steps am about to drop below.
1) Go to your phone menu and Click on Settings – The Settings App icon looks like a gray gear icon on your Phone Menu.
2) After you might have Open The settings Scroll down and tap
“Security” – This menu will let you customize your device’s privacy, password, and administration and settings.
On some devices, this option may be titled “Lock Screen & Security”.
3) On This Page You will see “Unknown Sources” just tap on the small box beside it to enable it. – Turning this option on will let you install apps on your device from sources other than the Play Store. You will have to confirm your action in a pop-up box.
Note: On some devices, you may need to slide a switch instead of checking a box. In this case, slide the Unknown Sources switch to On position.
Hurray, now you are done and you can now download your favorite games and applications from any other places apart from play store.
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