How To Install Free Apps And Games Easily In Play Store

When you just got a new Android phone, the first thing you will be searching for is how you can download games and applications to it freely without paying a dime. Applications and games makes phone looks perfect, and makes you be an experienced Android user especially when you have a lot of useful apps and interesting games on your device. This will lead to people begging you to share your phone games and apps with them because they love it.
So Did you just get your Android phone or you just got a game or app that you want to download without stress? Kindly follow the instructions below to get it done easily using Google play store.
1) Click on the “Play Store” app from your phone’s main menu – This app has many of options for downloading free apps.
Click the “Apps” or” Games” category in Google play Or better still type and search for the app or game you want to download using the search box (the search box is always at the top of your Google play app) check the picture below to see how the search box looks like.
Scroll through the various free headings listed at the top of the applications window or Games Window. For example, “Top Free”, will show the most popular free apps or games of the day. The “New Free” category will display a list of free apps which have been newly released(it is the same option in case of games also).
2) Click on “Editor’s Choice” for more apps and games that are free. Click on the “free” button to go to the installation screen.
3) Click the button marked “Accept” or “install” to install the free app.

Hope this is helpful? Kindly drop your comments below.

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