How to Instantly Lock Your GTBANK Account With 737

Making money is what all of us care for but we shouldn’t forget that safety is also recommended to avoid hackers which are on the mission to gain access to our finances causing loss on our end.

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Guarantee Trust bank (GTB) have created a new feature which will allow user lock their account in case of emergency; (in case of any unexpected dangers with the account where you’ll need to lock it instantly).

This feature is a must have in this century where everyone is involved in internet banking.

How to Instantly Lock your GTBANK Account with 737
The code provided below is only available for Gtbank users, other banks are yet to unveil this feature on their platform.

If for any reason your phone got lost and your sim used for the account creation is intact, simply dial *737*51*74#.

Works with any sim card in Nigeria.

➔ You will be required to provide the phone number registered to your account and your 737 PIN.

➔ Once your account is locked, nobody will be able to make any transfers from your account, and all debit transactions will be blocked.

⏯ To unlock your account, call GTConnect, contact care center or visit any GTBank branch near you.

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