How To Know If Your Phone Is Fake Or Original

Yeah, welcome to my tutorial on how you can figure out original phone, these days there are alot of fake phones out there and if you are not careful, you will just end up buying fake phone, but with the help of this tutorial am about to write, you will actually differentiate fake phones to original ones.

How Can I Know An Original Phone

This trick works for all types of phone except iphone, if you want to know a fake iPhone, its a new method entire…. So now lets continue (How to know a fake phone and an original phone)
* Dail *#06# to check your imei, if your phone is original then it should display 15 digits, and it must start with 35,see mine;

* After gotten the your imei to be 15 digits and it starts with 35, just open your browser and visit, input your phone’s imei number in the box provided, then check… If the information displayed is different from your phone information, then your phone is fake.

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