How To Let Your Android Phone Work Fast And Fine

Android phones are one of the most popular gadgets in the world now. It is very useful a lot and its advantages is that it is used to play games, watch videos(either by downloading or streaming), it is use to store information and it is most use for sending and receiving calls and messages. As we all know there is nothing good without having it own bad side. One of the bad side of Android phones is that it respond slower when there are a lot of apps, games, files e.t.c on it, especially if it has a small RAM. The question now is :

How Can You Let Your Android Phone Work Faster Even If There Are A lot Of Apps, Games e.t.c On It

Do not worry, your problem is solved because that is what we are going to be dealing with in this tutorial, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions below.
1) Uninstalling Old Apps Or Unused Apps /Games – Click On Your Phone’s Settings and it will direct you to a new page,
2) Tap Apps or
Application manager. Switch to the All tab(This will display all of the apps installed on your device) .
Scroll through the list to find apps you don’t use. Apps that you know longer use may be taking up space and running in the background, slowing your device down. You’ll see the amount of space each app takes next to the entry in the list.
Some versions of Android allow you to sort by size by tapping the ⋮ button.
3) Click On The app that you want to uninstall.
Tap the Uninstall button( If this button is not available, the app likely came pre-installed and cannot be completely removed) .
Just Click On Disable or Turn Off if you can’t uninstall.

You may have to tap “Uninstall updates” first.

Repeat for any other apps you want to remove. The more apps you can remove, the more space your phone will have. This will lead to better performance of you Android phone.
Hope this is helpful? Kindly drop your comments below if you are still having any problem concerning this tutorial and we will enlightening you more.

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