How To Let YouTube Videos Keep On Playing While Your Phone Is Locked Using Chrome Or Firefox On Your Android Phone.

What is YouTube

YouTube is an online streaming channels designed by google for the use of people. It enables users upload and watch movies, comedy, short video clip e.t.c online without downloading it. Our main aim on this tutorial is

How can we run YouTube in our phone’s background and the video we are watching won’t stop.

Normally if you are watching video on YouTube with YouTube application, if u try to minimize or do something else on your phone, the video you are watching on YouTube will definitely pause. But now, we are going to discuss how we let YouTube keep on running on phone even if you are doing something else.

How To let YouTube play in your phone’s background

1) Download A compatible browser – You can download this from the Google Play Store and a popular option is Mozilla Firefox Or Chrome. Once you have done so, select Install and install the application, or if you already have any of the applications mention above on your phone, you are good to go.
2) Go to YouTube – Do this within Mozilla Firefox, or whichever browser you chose, do this by visiting then go to Settings. This will be in the top right-hand corner of the page and can be identified by three consecutive dots.
Select Request Desktop Site / Version. This will run YouTube as if you were on a PC rather than the app designed for your Android device. After you have completed this step, select the video you would like to play. Boom!!! You will now be able to play the YouTube video while your screen is locked.
It is so simple and easy.
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