How to Make Money Online (Minimum of $1,000) Monthly In this Year 2020, Earn Money Online For Free 2020

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Making money in 2020

A new year has just begun, you need to utilize every opportunity to make money this year. While you are praying for harvest this year, it is also important you sow good seeds to make your harvest a reality.

In this article, you’ll get to know of some guidelines that will help you utilize your earning potentials this year if you are a good writer. At least you can be earning from a minimum of $500 and above monthly if you use your strategy well.

1. Work with Operanews Hub as a Creator and Earn ($500 and Above) Monthly

The platform was launched early November 2019 to help creators make lots of money. If you are good with writing, you have outstanding ideas, there are always readers who are willing to read your articles.

I tried the platform for just 2 weeks and I made more than N150,000 from engagement bonus and traffic bonus. Opera news hub pays you between the 1st and 15th of the month for writing in the previous month. You can make as much as possible on this platform with ease. In fact, the Writer of the Month for November made around N200,000 despite not being a signed writer. and I myself earned $100 (N36,000) as the most published writer of the month.

The key is just to create engaging articles and watch it go viral to millions of readers, then your cash will start rolling in. The more engaging your articles are, the more money you make.

Right now, a contest is going on the platform and you have the opportunity to cash out $500 just like that.

Join the platform By Clicking Here

2. Copywriting on Upwork or Freelancer ($500)

If you are a content writer, your skills are always in demand by both individuals and corporate organizations from around the world. Well, Upwork, the largest freelancing platform with thousands of daily inflow of job, is the surest place to get the right clients.

Freelancer is another place too. I know some might be agitating that I did not include Fiverr. Well, it is the most difficult platform out of the three to be taken as a Nigerian. And if you hide your identity just to slot yourself in, be prepared for the consequences in the long run; all these platforms conduct identity verification and there is no need wasting your efforts if you know you cannot defend the details you input during registration.

Once you have catchy proposals on Upwork, making $500 every month is nothing to bother yourself about. That should be the minimum amount you should aim at on the platform.


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