How To Prevent Your Phone From Contacting Virus

Today we will be discussing on how to prevent our phones from contacting virus.
Firstly what is virus?
Virus are instructions that are hidden within a computer program /phones that are designed to cause fault or destroy data. Your phone can’t just contact virus without the help of some things. So to prevent your phone from getting virus just follow my instructions below.
1). Install an Anti virus App On Your Phone– This is very useful for both phones and computers. Anti virus will warns you if your phone is about to receive something harmful. It protects your phone from getting virus and even if their is virus on your phone, it can still help you to terminate it. when you scan your phone with an anti virus software, it helps you to know if their is virus on your or not. So this application is very important and it should be the first thing to have on your phone. There are a lot of anti virus softwares for phones out there that you can use, starting from avast, 360security, you can as well search the net to get more anti virus softwares.
2). Know The Type Of Websites /Blog You Visit – it’s not all the website /blog you visit is good, some are prone to virus and they can let your phone to contact virus. So mind the type of websites you visit. You can check if a website is good or bad by using some online virus checker.
3) Know The Type Of Phone You Receive Files From – Some phones are virus distributor, they can let your phone be contacted by collecting games, apps or files from them. They might have been contacted virus, so if you receive files from them, it might cause your own phone also to get virus, so be mindful of whom and which type of phone you receive stuffs from.
Hope this is helpful? Kindly drop your comments and invite your friends here.

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