How To Put Your Blog On Opera News Feed Easily

Have you been searching the internet to know how to how to make your blog show on operanews? If yes, this is the right place for you to know how to get it done.

However, before going to the main point let’s take a look at some of the advantages of putting your blog on opera news feed

How to put your blog on opera news

Advantages Of Adding Your Blog To Opera News Feed

1. You get more traffics to your blog and Your site / blog will becomes more popular – In the sense that it will be visible to all users of operamini in Africa and in the whole world which is an extimate of billion users. isn’t that cool?

2. It’s Another Source of Income For You As A Blogger – By displaying your blog or site on the operamini news feed, opera will be paying you 50% of their revenue as they will be able to advertise their products to users reading your contents in the news feed.

Note: They will only pay you when your earning reach the threshold of $1000.
Now lets go to the main business.

Steps On How To Add Your Blog To Opera News Feeed
No long story, all you’ve to do is send us a mail by Clicking Here.

It would be done for you Within some weeks.

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  1. I'm SalimI appreciate so much for this wonderful sharing I also noticed your blog from my operamini news feed without wasting much time let me quickly rushed and try the above steps thanks once again for sharing this. I really appreciate commenting from Nairatechs

  2. how many months did it take them to approve you admin

  3. You are welcome

  4. To finish up everything, its 2months or so… So just be calm and have faith.

  5. nice one

  6. What were you sent when you were approved after you sent your site in for review.. Admin Please reply

  7. I was sent a form to fill.Before they start the on boarding

  8. i have gain something meaningful after reading this post. thanks

  9. Please admin what does the form looks like… and what instruction was given in the form to fill…can I see a screen shot please…is it the same with the opera mini partnership form from there site.?

  10. Nice. I will try this. Am a new blogger. please which or where is the best place to get a like yours for my blog https://gentlemern.blogspot.comI believe is better my blog is on custom domain before i attempt the above steps. Thanks.

  11. Tanks alot for this update

  12. Please can you share a brief hit of site requirements. I mean must my site have before it can be approved

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