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How To Remove Acne or Blackspots With Egg

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In this article you’ll get to know how you can easily get rid of blacksspot with the hep of egg.

Blackheads are the most common problem of skin. The problems of acne or blackheads are irritating to the people and they intend to get rid of it. But, sometimes people try the cosmetics to remove the blackheads. The cosmetics may carry the chemicals which may damage the skin in future. There are some natural remedies or home remedies which is beneficial for removal of blackheads. The egg can be used for removal of the blackheads. The procedure of applying egg on blackheads is explained below.

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Procedure of applying egg mask
The acne or blackheads can be removed by home remedies. It also helps to reduce the discolor the action of the skin. You can manage the blackheads with the application of egg white mask. You can take an egg and accept only the white portion of it.

Preparation of egg white mask
Take three eggs and after cracking the eggs from the shell only collect the white portions in the bowl. You may separate the white from the yellow portion by dropping the yellow part through fingers. Collect the white parts in a bowl. Beat the egg white till it makes the froth. You can add lemon juice and honey to the egg white for further nutrients. But, note that this addition of honey or lemon juice is optional.

Application of the white mask
First of all, clean the face properly. You can apply the first layer of mask on the face with brush or tissue paper. After the first layer is over, you may put the second layer after some times and consequently the third layer. After the mask is dried up, you can peel off the mask of egg white. With peel off, the blackheads will come out.

Why does egg white cures blackheads?
Egg white contains albumin, protein, and vitamin. Further, it holds skin toning properties. It helps to tighten the skin pores. Ultimately, secretion of sebum is reduced. Thereby the black spots are reduced. Sebum secretion is the cause of black spots.

Some tips on precautions
If you keep the eggs in the refrigerator for some time, it will be easier to make separation of the egg white.

Egg white may cure the other skin conditions like acne.

When the mask is applied, it will start drying out. It will start stretching the skin. Then it will be difficult to eat or drink.

An alternative method of white mask preparation
In the market, you can readily get the ready made egg white strips. These are costlier than the homemade egg white mask. You can put the strip on your position of the face where the blackheads are there. After getting it dried, you peel it off and the blackheads will be removed along with the strips. The egg white consists of astringent properties which can tighten the pores of the skin.

Thereby the size pores are reduced and the sebum secretion is reduced. It also helps to reduce wrinkles on the face.


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