How To ScreenShot On Android Phones.

Sometimes we will see some stuffs online and we will like to show them to our friends or share it on our social medias, but the problem is how do i get the screenshot of this particular thing, it do happen especially to those of us that just start using Android device. But today i will be showing you the simple step on how you can screengrap on any android phone, just follow the simple step below;

How do I Screenshot On My Android Phone

Their is nothing special about it though,
1. Just pick up your phone
2. Long press your power button(the button you use to press when you wana “on” or ” switch off” your phone.
3. Together with your “volume down” button at the same time, within one to two seconds you will see that your phone as just snap, and now it has screengrab what you need successfully.
Note: you will press the power button and “volume down” button at the same time. And that’s all, if you are still having problem with this kindly use our comment box below and don’t forget to share this post

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