How To Send Chats With Friends To Someone Else Email To Read

Welcome back to olexhome, hope you have been enjoying all our posts? Today we will be discussing on how you can send your whatsapp chats with friends to someone else. Whatsapp is the most used social network this days with a large amount of users from all parts of the world. Whatsapp is used to text messages, voice calls and make video calls with friends from any place in the world. Am sure you will want or have been searching On how you can send your chats with friends to someone else through your email address. To get this done, just follow the steps am about to drop below.
1) Open your whatsapp App and locate your chats with your friend. When you are on your friend’s chats Now click on the option button at the top right corner of your whatsapp app(it is something like 3 dots).
2) After Clicking on this option key, it will bring out some options for you. Just click on “More” from the options provided and click on “Email Chat”.

3) Selecting this option will bring you a popup message asking you if you want to attach media files or not.

Choose to attach media files if you which to send images and videos together with the chats you are about to send. You can as well choose No if you want to send only your chats excluding the images and videos.
4) After completing the above steps, you should be automatically directed to your email, your whatsapp messages will have been coverted to a text file.(The name of the friend.txt) with a title “Whatsapp Chats with friend. (your friend name will be here). now write the email of whom you want to send the chats to and send.

Wow, now the person you just sent the chats to will receive a mail containing the chats of your friend. The person can now download the text file he /she just received in his/ her mail and open it.

He will now be able to read all the messages you and your friends has been texting to each others from day1 till the moment you send the chat.

Hope this is helpful? Kindly drop your comments below if you have any question to ask about this article.

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