How to Share Your VPN Freebrowsing With PC, iPhone and Other Devices Without Root

How to Share Your VPN Freebrowsing With PC

I believe you are all currently enjoying free internet connection through different VPNs like Http Injector, Http Custom, Ha tunnel, etc and you wish to connect it to your PC or iphone but don’t know how then this article is for you.

There are lots of options you can use to tether your internet from one device to another device, but in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to tether your VPN connections without root access.

Before we get started, Below are what you will need to be able to share your VPN Freebrowsing cheats with other devices;

1. Every Proxy App, Down it Here

2. Your Smartphone

What Is Everyproxy App?

Everyproxy automatically finds proxy servers from a range of servers globally and builds a connection through an encrypted tunnel. The application handles the following protocols:

No root permissions are necessary.

Use your Android network connection from another device. This is useful if you have a VPN connection on your Android device that you would like to share. This is also useful to route your traffic through your Android device.

Work around network providers restrictions on tethering. Connect your hotspot as usual then proxy your http and https calls through Every Proxy.

How to Share Your VPN Freebrowsing With PC

How to Connect Free Mobile Internet through VPN on Other Devices?

* Open any of your VPNs and connect your Freebrowsing cheats as usual

* After getting connected, Turn On your smartphone hotspot

* Locate the Everyproxy app you downloaded above and launch it

* Turn On the HTTP/HTTPS and it will generate an IP address and Port for you as seen below

How to Share Your VPN Freebrowsing With PC

* Goto your iphone, PC or any device you want to share your internet connection with and turn On the wifi

* Goto the wifi settings and locate HTTP PROXY

* Choose the manual option, input the IP address and Port given by Everyproxy to your iphone or PC as seen below.

* Once you’ve done that, click on Save, and it will connect to the server. That is it.

You’re good to go, you can now share your VPN freebrowsing cheats with other devices and enjoy freebrowsing on all your devices.


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