How To Start Making More Than #100,000naira In A Week – Bet9ja Tip.

Hello guys, today i will be introducing to you a secret that will easily make you earn cool cash with sports betting. Although some might see this as a waste of time, but i assure you that when you look through it, you will understand what am saying. Just be patient and read this post thoroughly and by the end of the day, you will come back to appreciate me. Now let’s get started

Make Cool Cash With Sport betting

Guys stop wasting your time trying to buy fake odds that are not real. This new idea am introducing is working perfectly fine for me believe it or not the secrets of winning in sports betting is based on patience. My brother and sister fixed game do exist but you can’t get them through all this fake guys, its confidential. Here is the plan I use to do research about all the teams the players the current and previous coach head to head, this time last year or every year what they like playing, etc so is not easy at all I spent my time doing all this research and it work perfectly fine for me and am using it to make a cool cash. I do come up with sure I myself call it fixed 2-3 sure odds every day that is 7times in a week. Let say on Monday you start with 1k lets do the calculation. Monday. 1k X 2 odds =2k Tuesday. 2k X 2 odds =4k Wednesday. 4k X 2 odds =8k Thursday. 8k X 2 odds =16k Friday. 16k X 2 odds =32k Saturday. 32k X 2 odds =64k Sunday. 64k X 2 odds = 120k Let say you start with 5k Monday. 5k X 2 odds = 10k Tuesday. 10k X 2 odds = 20k Wednesday. 20k X 2 odds = 40k Thursday. 40k X 2 odds = 80k Friday. 80k X 2 odds =160k Saturday. 160k X 2 odds = 320k Sunday. 320k X 2 odds = 640k So my brother what are you saying, you now agree with me now that to win is based on patience. Most people will say 2 Odds is too small really too small, yeah that’s true but I rather have 2 sure odds daily than be scam of #2,000,000 odds and it becomes waste. This idea am not an igbo man but only the igbo can understand this real business with huge profit. Men this is the secret to riches you have been scam before while dont you give this a try you never know what the result could be yet one more try wont harm. Just imagine you making 120k or 640k for the start in a week.

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  4. interesting… so how can I get the 2 sure odds?

  5. interesting… so please how can I get the 2 sure odds?

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  24. When they say two odd they did not say you should play one game that is 2 odd you can simply play o.5 like ten and you get your 2 odd that is why online account is important you can't be going to bet shop to play 2odd with one thousand and win 2000 people will be looking at you like a fool but when you start buying Benz they will start looking like fools that they are so just try even if the game is long as it's safe play it.

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