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How To Successfully Reset Android Phone, Easily Format Android Devices, Factory Reset Android, Wipe Your Android Phone, Clear Virus On Android Phone By Wiping /Formatting It

Wiping, formatting or re-seting your Android may be the best thing to do if your phone start to misbehave. It might be because of an app or properly there is something powerful than your phone capacity which might leads to slow working of your Android phone. If you try everything to stop this and it insisted. The best thing to do is wipe your phone. Buh note that before you start Wiping /formating your phone, remember to back up your relevant files, games and apps because by the time you are done with resetting your phone, you won’t see your files again. Now kindly follow the below step to successfully reset /wipe your Android device. This method is two, so choose the one you think it’s easier for you. Now, let’s start.

Performing a Basic Reset

1. Open your device’s Settings. It’s often a gear-shaped icon (⚙️) or an icon containing a series of slider bars.

2. Scroll down and tap
Backup & reset .
It’s in either the Personal or Privacy section of the menu, depending on device and Android version.
If you are on a Samsung Galaxy device, instead tap
General Management and then tap Reset .

3. Tap Factory data reset . It’s at the bottom of the menu.

4. Tap Reset Phone . Once the reset process is complete, your phone will be formatted as it was when it left the factory.
If you are on a Samsung Galaxy device, instead tap
Reset .

5. Enter your screen lock passcode. If your phone has a screen lock enabled, you will be asked to enter your phone’s pattern, PIN, or passcode.

6. Tap Erase everything to confirm. This will immediately erase all of the phone’s data and reboots to the factory default settings and configuration. The process can take several minutes.
If you are on a Samsung Galaxy device, instead tap
Delete All.

Alternative Method:

Performing a Recovery Reset
Power off your device.

1. Boot your phone in Recovery Mode. Press and hold the device-specific button combination while your phone is powered off. The buttons vary from device to device.
Nexus devices – Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power

Samsung devices – Volume Up, Home, and Power

Moto X – Volume Down, Home, and Power

Other devices generally use Volume Down and Power. Some devices with physical user interfaces may use the Power and Home buttons.

2. Scroll to
Wipe data/factory reset .
Use the volume buttons to scroll through the menu options.

3. Press the Power button. This selects the reset option.

4. Scroll to Yes(All) . This confirms your selection.

5. Press the Power button. This starts the reset process and reformats your Android device to its factory settings.

Now you are good to go as your when will now reboot and start working properly.
Note: It will turn to how it is when you bought it, cause it would have wipe all apps and games on it.


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