How To Tell The Gender Of Your Unborn Baby Without An Ultrasound

How to know baby,s gender without Ultrasound

When parents hear the good news for the first time, it marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in their life. And with this, a lot of speculations start, mostly revolving around the gender of the baby. Of course, doctors can let the parents know about the baby’s gender with the help of an ultrasound. But, there are many parts of the world where s*x determination is banned due to the fear of its misuse.

However, it still remains one of the most fascinating questions in a parent’s mind. And, they often start making their own guesses about whether they will be blessed with a boy or a girl. That guess is often coupled with what many believe to be “signs” indicating the sex of the baby. Here, we bring you some of them:

1. Clumsy You
It is pretty natural to be slightly clumsy during pregnancy, given the ever-increasing size of your belly. But, it is said that there are chances you will have a boy if you seem to be even clumsier than usual.

2. Size Of Your Breast
You must have noticed how your breast keeps changing sizes throughout the pregnancy. But, it is believed that if your left one is a little bigger than your right one, you will have a girl. Or the other way round.

3. The Position In Which You Sleep
If you sleep favoring your right side, you will probably be blessed with a boy. And, if you lie down on your left side, then you are more likely to have a baby girl.

4. Even Your Headaches Say Something
It is said that if your head is not aching that much, you might have a girl. But, if you have spells of headaches, then it might be the time to welcome a little boy.

5. Weight Of The Daddy
If your husband has gained a couple of pounds lately, it will perhaps be a girl. And, if not, then it’s a boy.

6. Cravings
If you are craving for something salty, it probably means that you will have a boy. But, if you are more inclined towards the sweeter things in life, you are more likely to have a little princess.

7. Swelling In The Foot
If your feet start to swell during the pregnancy, you might be blessed with a baby boy. But, if your feet stay just the way it is, then it might be a girl.

8. The Temperature Of Your Feet
Have you checked whether your feet feel hot or cold? If it is hot, then you may have a boy. But, if the temperature doesn’t change at all, then it might be a girl.

9. Body Hair
If the hair on your body is growing fast and has a thick texture, then you are more likely to be blessed with a baby boy. Otherwise, it might be a girl.

10. The Famous Pregnancy Glow
If your friends and family can’t stop raving about your pregnancy glow, then you will most probably have a cute, little boy.

11. Acne Issues
If you have an acne breakout, then chances are that you are presently carrying a girl. And, if you don’t see any acne in the mirror, then boy it is.

12. Changes In Your Skin
Has your skin become a little too oily? Then, it might be a girl. But, if your skin feels dry, then you might be set to welcome a little girl.

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