How To Test For Pregnancy At Home With Toothpaste

Test Pregnancy with Toothpaste

It turns out that girls around the world are already actively using toothpaste for real urine pregnancy test. Yes, we also do not understand what kind of science this is, but, let’s see what is actually happening?

According to Good To Know, the test works on the same principle as the paper strip from the pharmacy. In other words, you need to pee on some amount of toothpaste: take a small amount of paste, put it in some container and go ahead.

What should happen? It is said that if you are pregnant, the paste will change color and begin to foam. If nothing happens, it is considered that the test is negative. Experts, who were approached by journalists honestly answered the question: so, does the paste test work or not?

Pharmacist and online pharmacy owner Stuart Gale says: ‘Hiss and froth appear in toothpaste as a result of the onset of the reaction of acid with calcium carbonate. The combination of these elements leads to the production of carbon dioxide, hence the hiss. If your urine has an increased acidity, then the paste will hiss, whether you are pregnant or not’.

Mark Kilby, a spokesman for the British Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said: ‘When a woman becomes pregnant, the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) begins to be produced in her body, it can be detected by a pregnancy test. There is no scientific evidence that toothpaste helps detect HCG in a woman’s urine. So women should not rely on amateur experiments in confirming the fact of pregnancy’.

However, expert opinions were not enough for journalists, and they conducted their own experiment – they asked two non-pregnant women and one pregnant woman to pee on a paste.

An increasing number of women is trying such home pregnancy test, which is a mixture of urine and toothpaste. However, do not forget doctors warn that there is no scientific evidence of their effectiveness.

Countless women go through strange pregnancy tests by mixing toothpaste with urine. This technique has become something of a phenomenon of social networks in recent weeks, because it has attracted much attention from the ladies. The Internet publishes images of women who try this method, as well as allegations that urine should hiss and even turn blue if a woman is expecting a child. However, gynecologists emphasize that the toothpaste method has no scientific basis, regardless of whether to use it in the morning, as recommended, or at any other time of the day. But ladies do not stop using it.

Mark Kilby continues ‘Do not forget, there is no scientific evidence that toothpaste shows HCG in a woman’s urine. I strongly recommend not to rely on very strange and untested methods to confirm pregnancy. If a woman really needs to find out, whether she is carrying a baby, then you should buy affordable pregnancy tests that provide 99 percent accuracy in results’.

Doctors agree that women should not take the results obtained with the toothpaste test too seriously. So if you want just to have fun then this is your choice, But if you need a certain, good test, then do not rely on this myth.

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