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How To Text Anonymous Messages On Mtn, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat By Using An App

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Do you want to send text message to someone and you didn’t want him / her to know the person sending it. This can be done by using several methods like : using someone’s else sim card, sending it through your email and downloading some anonymous sending application. The one we are going to be talking about in this tutorial is the use of anonymous applications. Let’s start.
1) To Download Anonymous Texting Applications, Navigate to the app store on your Android or iPhone smartphone. For example, if you are using an Android device, locate your Google Play Store app.
2) Perform a search for apps using keywords such as “anonymous texting” or “hide my number. ”
Review the descriptions of anonymous texting apps to verify that they will keep your identity private and hidden when texting.
3) Examples of reputable apps that will hide your number when texting are “Anonytext,” “Anonymous Texting,” and SMS Anonym.”
Download the application, and follow the on-screen prompts to send text messages without showing your phone number.
4) Contact the developer of the third-party application if you need additional support or help with using the anonymous texting feature. The option to contact them for help will always be there on the app.
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