How To Use DSTV SMS Codes For Paying Subscription, Checking Balance And Clearing Error Codes

As a Nigerian and you are using dstv, you can now check balance, pay subscriptions, clear errors, check due date and confirm accounts with list of DSTV SMS and USSD command codes.

These codes was introduced to make things easy and simple. Of course, it reduces stress and saves time. The feature can be used conveniently without leaving your home.
Digital satellite television (DSTV) used smartcard which have some unique digits also known as “Unique Identifier ” and will help you in most processes involving the use of DSTV decoder.
In this article, you will be able to get the list of the codes in SMS to activate and perform basic transactions. However, the unique codes will be used because is just like the digits on your ATM card.

DSTV SMS and USSD Command Codes

1. Check account balance
This can be done easily by sending an SMS; send “Balance (Smartcard number) to 30333”. For example, Balance 4267161717 to 30333 as SMS and your account status will be sent to you immediately.

2. Check Due Date Of Your Account Balance
To check the date your subscription will expire, you can send “Due (Smartcard number) to 30333” e.g Due 4267161717 to 30333 as SMS and the due date will be sent to you.

3. Product Activated
You can check how many products that has been activated on your account by sending “Products (Smartcard number) to 30333” as an SMS.

4. Last Payment Processed
Check your last payment on your account by sending ” Payment (Smartcard number) to 30333 “ as SMS without the quotes and your last payment details will be sent to you.

5. Clear Error Codes
Before you can proceed with any operation on your decoder after receiving error, you need to clear the errors. To do this, kindly send “Reauth (Smartcard number) to 30333 ” as SMS.

These are the codes to carry out some basic functions from your decoder without leaving your home. Alternatively, you can use DSTV Now App for these transactions and is available on playstore for Android users.

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