How To Use Your Android Phone As Microphone Via Bluetooth Speaker

It will cause more strain to your voice if you are addressing some group of people without the use of a voice aid(microphone).

The cost of the gadget itself; is also another thing to battle with.

However, if by any means you stumble across this article then count yourself lucky as you’ll be able to use your android smartphone as a microphone with just the use of your Bluetooth Speaker.

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This can be made possible through an app i will share with you which will turn your Android phone into a microphone for the listening pleasure of your audience.

There are many apps that perform similiar task as this one but we’ll focus on Microphone app.

Due to many apps with similiar name on playstore, I’ll urge you to Download Microphone by Wonder Grace developers (Recommended).

The app designed for Android users to be able to use their smartphone as microphone connects to a speaker through Bluetooth.

You can control almost all the aspects, using it. First of all, you can control the gain, acoustics, volume and even the equalizer of the output.

It can be tough to get the ideal values at first and you might even hear echoes while using the app, but you will get accustomed to the app sooner.

 1. Amplifier
 2. Mono / Stereo (Balance channel individually)
 3. Equalizer adjustments
 4. Line-In / Line-Out selection
 5. Sampling rate selection
 6. Widget support (Lock screen and Re- sizable)
 7. Supports Locale / Taker as a plugin

Setting Up Microphone on Android via Bluetooth Speaker!

🔪 Connect your Bluetooth speaker with your Android device and open the app.

🚨 Tap the microphone logo at the middle on your phone screen to ON/OFF the Mic.

♨ The sound might not be perfect at first, but you can always adjust the settings and control to get the desired mic effect.

You can turn on the support to make it easier and flexible to use.

You can order for a nice bluetooth Speaker from jumia.

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