How To Write And Publish Posts On Blogger For Beginners.

Hello guys, today i will be writing on steps by steps guide on how you can create post on blogger.
Are you new to Blogger and you are confused on how to create a post on your blog?. Then follow the steps below to learn it.
How To Post On Blogger (beginner’s guide)
Login to Blogger with your email and password to access your blog.
1) click on Newpost.

2) Inside that small box, write your post title and inside the big box, write or paste your post/article.

3) Click on the image icon to add thumbnail /picture to your post.

4) Slide your phone to the left to see post options, then click on Labels.

5) choose from the existing labels or put new one with comma e.g (Entertainments, Musics, News,) and so on. Label is the category you want your post to be.

6) After choosing or inputting new label, click on done.

7) After you might have finished all the processes above, click on “publish” to publish your post.

Note: If you click on “Save” your post will be saved to draft and your visitors won’t be able to see it.

Hope this is helpful? Always share this blog with your friends. Drop your comments below if you still have something that is confusing you.

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