How Video Can Significantly Boost Your Covid-19 Marketing Strategies

As Covid-19 continues to impact and shape both personal and professional life, it becomes substantial to change according to the times. The pandemic has had a critical effect on the way we work, socialize, and live within confinements.

If you are a businessman/woman or a marketer, this would be your period of struggles and hardships to adjust with the new reality- “the new normal.” You have to rapidly adapt your marketing plans to a customer community with a changed consumer behavior with their own needs and demands.

For a secured business future, marketing has to go on whether it is online or offline, or it is uncertain or not. In this post, we will learn the emerging trend of videos as a useful tool in the marketing programs and how to adapt and integrate into your strategies. Let’s see how videos can influence the whole marketing range.

* Establish your goal and the purpose of the video

Although the presence of video in marketing ideas is hugely popular, they won’t be successful. Not all businesses have the same goals and target audience. Before crafting your creative video content, decide the purpose of the video, and check whether it meets the customer expectations. Continue to build the trust they already have upon you and create the video accordingly.

* Focus on originality

Video is the content that, in all probability, goes viral and gets the maximum number of viewers. If you want your video content to go viral, you should create content that stays original and authentic to the brand. Define your brand personality and be right to it, because the majority of the audience is looking for authenticity from the marketers.

Ensure that your video creates a stronger sense of trust and honesty between the brand and the audience. The unique and authentic voice in the video makes the users watch it and share it with the broader public. With relevant content and personalized promotion, you can win the viewers and receive an emotional response.

* Ensure the video is mobile-friendly

There is no need to explain this factor in detail. If you haven’t considered this aspect, it’s high time. This is the age of mobile phones, which have become a necessity for even kids. A larger group of people is using mobile phones for daily updates and essential activities. Make sure your video is mobile-friendly so that they will get the exposure you are seeking amidst the corona crisis.

Why Video Marketing?

Undoubtedly, video strategy is one of the fashionable additions to the marketing toolbox. Suppose you have enough sources to create video content and use it for your marketing promotions. In that case, it is worth your time and money because it is the most versatile digital marketing tool available today.

To validate the same, about 75 million people watch online videos in the United States every day. Nearly 50% of them watch videos on mobile devices. Videos are the content that gets the most engagement from the customers.

The stats will incredibly change due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When people are restricting themselves to online platforms because of the uncertainty from the Covid-19 crisis, video marketing turns out to be the potential tool to reach a broader audience.

The following are some of the reasons why you should adopt videos in your marketing strategies right now.

1. Boosts conversions and sales

Videos can incredibly assist you in making money. Trust me, adding a product or promotional video on your web page or any other platforms can help you enhance conversions by more than 80%. A well-scripted and edited video with a video creator will lead directly to the sales. If you need an explanation, vision is the dominant sense in humans, and they immediately grab our attention. Hence, better start crafting impactful videos now.

2. Strong emotional connections

It is a fact that videos create a more emotional and trustworthy environment for users. Marketing is always about creating a name and position for your brand in the industry that identifies and differentiates you from the others in the crowd. More than 90% of the users say they will recommend an emotionally connected brand with them. Videos can help you reach the audience on a reliable and emotional level, hearing your voice, and seeing your personality. And this will enhance the relationship between your brand and customers and lead to a better ROI.

3. Video can explain everything in a short time.

Moving pictures can convey a lot to the audience. If you ask users, 98% say an explainer video tells a lot about the brand or its service. That is why businesses and companies integrate videos into their marketing strategies. Videos are a perfect combination of entertainment, simplicity, and ideas. You can even be creative with the crafting of videos and make it more exciting and engaging. Make sure that your video stands out and give you the results you are expecting.

4. Encourages social sharing

Video contents are highly productive on social media platforms. One of the critical aspects of marketing is social shares. Social networking sites encourage videos with new features as they will enhance engagement. If the users find the video entertaining and informative, they will share it with their friends, family, and relatives. Social shares can improve the traffic to your website and increase revenue. Even campaigns and contests within the video content make the whole marketing experience delightful.

* Wrapping up:

Incorporating videos in marketing ideas is becoming widespread and affordable. The advancement in technology and the easy availability make the strategy to spread across the globe quickly. Videos offer opportunities to the national and international market and make you familiar all around the world. Creating marketing videos with utmost creativity and in-depth knowledge is a matter of dedication and commitment. The whole point of videos in marketing is that it is a creative piece that will survive in the competition.


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