How You Can Easily Unlock A Mobile Phone When Locked

Mobile phone is now one of the most common things on earth in this century. Phone is a very useful device that can be use to call, send text messages, play games, browse the Internet and so much more. Now let’s think about this, Their is nothing without it’s own disadvantages, one of the disadvantages of mobile phones is when we locked it due to some reasons and unfortunately we forgot the unlock code.
When this happens to you, do not panic, just follow this simple steps below and you will get things fone back.

Simple Steps To Take When Your Phone Is LockDown And You Want To Unlock It

1) Write down your phone’s IMEI number – This is the identification number for your phone, and will be required by the unlocking service.
You can get the IMEI of most phone by dialing *#06#.
Many phones have the IMEI printed on the back or underneath the battery.
You can also find the IMEI on the phone’s original packaging.
2) Find an unlocking service – There are a large number of companies online that will sell you the unlock codes of your phone for payment. Different services offer to unlock different devices.
Please Avoid any site that will claim to unlock your device for completing surveys or offers. These are often scams designed to gather as much personal information about you as possible.
3) Research your choice – Before paying any company to unlock your device, research the company as much as possible. Find user reviews, and ask around in phone discussion forums. After confirming the company to be a legal and a reliable company, Kindly pay for the service. Sometimes, you may have to wait several hours to a couple days in order to receive the unlock code. This is because these companies often have people working for the carriers that provide the codes for them.
Be sure to select all of the correct information about your device so that you get a correct code that works for your device.
4) Now Insert your new SIM card – In order to be able to enter the unlock code, you will need to insert the new SIM card for the service you are switching to. SIM card slots are located in a variety of locations depending on the phone you are using. Typically they can either be found underneath the battery or as a tray along the side of your phone.
You may need a small paperclip to eject the tray.
5)Enter the code – After inserting your new SIM card, turn your phone on. You will be prompted for the unlock code. Enter the code you received and check to make sure that you have connectivity.
It may take a minute or two for your phone to connect to the new network. Make sure that you are in an area with good network.

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